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LED Educator Conference

16th January 2024



  • Prof Sujesh Bansal – LED Rep, Medical Education Leaders UK
  • Dr Anshoo Dhelaria – LED Rep, Medical Education Leaders UK
  • Mr Sam Anand – LED Rep, Medical Education Leaders UK
  • Dr Simon Frazer – Education Advisor, Medical Education Leaders UK

Session One:


  • Poster 1 – Embedding LED Exception Reporting in a big NHS Trust – Prof Sujesh Bansal, Karen Fentem
  • Poster 2 – Developing a proactive approach to supporting Locally Employed Doctors at a large NHS Foundation Trust – Mrs Karen Winterbottom, Prof Sujesh Bansal, Dr Cassandra Ng
  • Poster 3 – Survey on EoE Locally Employed Doctor (LED) experience of unprofessional behaviour and awareness of Freedom To Speak Up Guardian (FTSUG) – Dr Sameer Mansukhani, Dr Sumaira Arain, Dr Anshoo Dhelaria
  • Poster 4 – Evaluating a trust wide strategy for a structured Teaching program for IMGs – Dr Kavitha Paul, Dr Gautham Krishna Palanisamy, Dr Priyankar Gangophadyay, Dr Angelica Herrera, Dr Yaswanth Nabh, Dr Nandana Nair, Dr Jatin Mittal, Dr Kaustubh Pagar, Dr Maryam Hameed, Mrs Helen Ellis, Mr Ashwin Unnithan
  • Poster 5 – Well-being of locally employed doctors at Medway Maritime Hospital – Dr Osayuware Agunbiade, K. Adekeye, I. Saani, L. Achiatar, C. Owen
  • Poster 6 – What’s in a name? – Dr Dur-e-shahwar Soomro, Sam Harding, Havra Adamali, Yusaf Shaikhali, Arsallan Ahmed, Umar Bin Tariq, Sundus Waheed, Babar Soomro, Monira Chowdhury, Vardeep Deogan, Seema Srivastava, Shaney Barratt, Huzaifa Adamali – POSTER PRIZE RUNNER UP 
  • Poster 7 – ED Simulation for International Medical Graduates –
    Dr Thomas McLelland, Dr Zachary Pierrepont, Dr Priyanka Pillai
  • Poster 8 – Difficulty in progressing through CESR pathway for clinical fellow in Anaesthesia – Dr Amarjeet Patil, Dr Kavita Chandavale, Dr Karan Kanal, Prof Sujesh Bansal
  • Poster 9 – Enhanced Induction and simulation Training for International Doctors – Miss Carol-Ann Courtney, Dr Elizabeth Burgess
  • Poster 10 – Education should be the focus of a clinical fellowship program – Dr Cristina Pojar, Dr. Atul Gulati, Dr Rajeev Raghavan, Dr. Roopa Chopra, Dr. Harit Buch, Dr. Shivangi Dwivedi – POSTER PRIZE WINNER

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