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Our BLIME Suite

Embark on a transformative journey with BLIME – the comprehensive leadership development programme meticulously designed for medical education leaders.
Over the span of seven enriching days, BLIME offers a deep dive into the essentials of leadership within the context of medical education, setting the stage for innovation, influence, and excellence

Why Choose BLIME?

Designed by medical education leaders for medical education leaders, it addresses the unique challenges and opportunities within the medical educational sphere.  With interactive sessions, expert facilitation, and peer learning, you will emerge from BLIME ready to tackle leadership challenges and effect positive change.

Core Foundations with CorBLIME

The BLIME experience begins with CorBLIME, a two-day intensive residential that lays the groundwork for successful leadership. This core introduction equips you with the fundamental principles of educational leadership, setting a strong foundation for the specialised themes to follow.

CorBLIME North – Dates confirmed 26th & 27th September 2024 – York

CorBLIME South – Dates confirmed 17th & 18th October 2024 – London

Registration will open in the Spring, email the office to be placed on the waiting list.

Elevate Your Expertise with MorBLIME

Beyond the fundamentals, BLIME invites you to explore MorBLIME – a series of thematically focused sessions designed to hone specific areas of leadership:


MorBLIME Finance
Navigate the complexities of financial stewardship in medical education.

MorBLIME Teams and Influence
Learn how to cultivate high-performing teams and master the art of influence.


MorBLIME Coaching and Mentorship Skills
Enhance your ability to guide, inspire, and develop upcoming educators.


MorBLIME Quality & Performance
Focus on driving quality and maximising performance within educational settings.


MorBLIME Strategy and Change Management
Craft and implement strategies for impactful change and progressive development.


Each MorBLIME module is a blend of theory and practical application, ensuring you emerge with skills that can be immediately applied to your current role and beyond.

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