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by | Jun 7, 2024 | News

We are proud to announce our official support for all SAS doctors. As dedicated advocates for their invaluable contributions, we are also pleased to officially support the SASsix and the SAS Collective.

At Medical Education Leaders UK, we recognise the crucial role that SAS doctors play in the NHS and we are committed to fostering their growth, engagement, and well-being.

Together, we will continue to champion the professional development and success of SAS doctors, ensuring they receive the recognition and support they deserve.

The #SASsix policy calls are:

  1. Every early career SAS doctor should have access to an educational supervisor
  2. All SAS doctors should have equity of access to professional development opportunities relevant to their stage of career.
  3. All specialty doctors who meet the required capabilities should have the opportunity to become specialists.
  4. Senior SAS doctors should be offered the opportunity to be educators at every level on a par with consultants eg educational supervisors, clinical supervisors, directors of medical education.
  5. All extended roles in leadership and management should be open to all substantive medical staff ie consultants and appropriately experienced SAS doctors.
  6. All LEDs employed for more than two years within one NHS employer should be offered the opportunity to transfer to the appropriate SAS contract.
Appendix 5 Sassix Policy Calls

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