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by | Jul 28, 2023 | Articles, News

Junior Doctors

Following feedback regarding the issue of FY1 doctors and locum work in the legal context of the Medical Act, below is final wording to be shared to avoid situations that have arisen because of lack of awareness of the legal position amongst FY1 doctors and Trust/Health Board workforce departments

Provisionally registered doctors (foundation year one/F1) must not undertake formal locum posts or activities.*

Provisionally registered doctors can undertake occasional ad hoc additional/overtime shifts on their current FY1 placement or previous FY1 placements that have formed part of their F1 rotation, where such work is undertaken only within the limits of their current competence and with the support of their educational supervisor. When undertaking such occasional ad hoc additional/overtime work provisionally registered doctors should be clear with other members of their team about their current experience and level of competence.

* this restriction does not prevent provisionally registered doctors being appointed to the very small number of substantive FY1 level locum appointments for foundation training/stand-alone foundation posts which may arise.




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