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by | Nov 20, 2023 | Articles, News

Small Grants Call


Theme: Valuing Medical Educators

Closing Date: 1st March 2024

We invite members to submit a bid for a small grant to support a research study or quality improvement project in the field of medical education and this year’s theme is Valuing Medical Educators.

Submissions from new as well as established scholars are welcomed

The grants are not intended to supplement the natural support that institutions should give to individuals and therefore cannot be used to pay course fees, computing equipment, overheads, research assistants/associates or conference attendance and similar.

All recipents of the small grants award will be contractually obligated to produce an end-of-project report to Medical Education Leaders UK executive and to make, via open licence, any teaching/learning resource produced, available via Medical Education Leaders UK website to its membership.

£5,000 is the maximum funding available, but can be split into smaller grants, (bids for smaller amounts of funding are welcomed and encouraged).

Successful applicants will be invited to present at the annual Spring Meeting after their project has been completed and are expected to present their results at DEMEC or an equivalent conference with use of the Medical Education Leaders logo and recognition as the funder.  Please note that registration, travel and accommodation for the Spring Meeting or other conferences are NOT covered by this award.


Applications should be made via the submission form and include a 1-page research CV.  Your submission should be no more than 500 words (excluding references) and clearly outline:

  1. Brief critique of background literature and justified need for the project.
  2. Description of project including:
    1. Aim and/or research question(s)
    2. Justification for the choice of methodology
    3. Projected outcomes
    4. Timetable to start in mid-2023 and ideally to finish within 6-month timescale
  3. Costed justification of funding required. 

If the above criteria are not met then Medical Education Leaders UK reserve the right to reject the submission.  The Medical Education Leaders UK Education Research Committee may ask for a more detailed proposal from those short-listed.  Applications from experienced and novice researchers are welcome, but notives must describe mentoring arrangements to ensure project delivery.

We reserve the right not to make an award if the applications are not of sufficient merit.

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